Committed to sustainability

Committed to sustainability

Rahn Kulturfonds

Rahn Kulturfonds

RAHN is aware of its social responsibility. That is why the company attaches great importance to social and cultural activities.
Since 1972 all employees have participated in the profit sharing of the company.

Rahn Foundation

The Rahn Foundation was established in 2003 with starting capital of
CHF 250,000 to mark the 70th birthday of Hans Konrad Rahn. The Foundation's organisational capital currently amounts to some CHF 2.5 million.

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Rahn Kulturfonds

The Rahn Kulturfonds is funded by generous financial contributions from RAHN AG.
It was founded to promote and award outstanding students of Swiss music academies. Hence, every second year Rahn Kulturfonds is organising the competition
Rahn Musikpreis. Rahn Kulturfonds also awards scholarships and lends instruments to distinguished young musicians. Furthermore, institutions that aim to promote classical music of all epochs will be supported.

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Rahn Foundation

The Rahn Foundation (former Hans Konrad Rahn Foundation) was established in 2003 with starting capital of CHF 250,000 to mark the 70th birthday of Hans Konrad Rahn. The Foundation's organisational capital currently amounts to some CHF 2.5 million.

The Foundation continues the mission of the Rahn relief fund, which for decades supported social projects in the Zurich region and also made donations to help disaster victims in both Switzerland and other countries.

The Foundation receives a share of the cash flow of RAHN AG each year. This is supplemented by generous donations from the Rahn family and other benefactors.
The Foundation consequently has access to annual funds of between CHF 300,000
and CHF 400,000.

In 2019, the Foundation supported various social institutions to the total sum
of CHF 311,000 (2018: CHF 301,000).

Examples of applications approved in 2019:

Stiftung Hirzelheim, Regensberg
Investing in the renovation and extension of the annex at the home for
hearing-impaired and elderly people

Femia, Zurich
Contributing to the education centre for femal migrants

Verein Podium Demenz, Wetzikon
Co-financing the dementia associations' webseite ""

Focus Vennes, Zurich
Co-financing the new Küsnachtertobel scout centre

Schalktheater, Zurich
Donation towards the weekly theatre workshop for people with mental illnesses

Stiftung Birkenhof, Berg (Dägerlen)
Contributing to the renovation of the residence for adults with an intellectual impairment

Stiftung Sprachheilschulen im Kanton Zürich, Zurich
Supporting the therapeutic and socio-pedagogical work of the foundation for schools for young people with speech defects in the Canton of Zurich

Beratungsstelle Frauen-Nottelefon, Winterthur
Co-financing the anniversary concert of the advice centre/emergency helpline
for women

Stiftung Theodora, Hunzenschwil
Contributing to the work of "dream doctors" who visit sick children in hospitals to
cheer them up


Board of Trustees

Urs Lauffer
President Fritz-Gerber Foundation
for talented young people

Fritz Frischknecht
lic. oec., Secretary

Sascha Kümin Grell
lic. iur.

Markus L. Meyer

Prof. Katharina Prelicz-Huber
Member of the Swiss National Council,
President of VPOD Switzerland

Ana Patricia Rahn Erden
lic. iur., Entrepreneur

Registered Office

Rahn Foundation
Stefan Schelker
Kirchgasse 38
CH-8024 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 254 60 33


These should be submitted in writing to above address, with an outline of the reasons for the request.
A minimum of 3 years must elapse after a grant is received before a repeat application can be made.

Bank details

UBS, 8098 Zürich
IBAN CH33 0026 7267 8336 9501L
(Bank Post Account: 80-2-2)

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Markus Meyer

Markus Meyer

Chief Operating Office (COO), Vice President ICT+Processes


+41 44 315 42 00