Sustainable and natural cosmetics will be the gate into a new, brighter future.


Would you like to make your beauty product sustainable, too?

Check out our carbon-neutral actives CELLACTIVE®, LIFTONIN®-XPERT ECO, MYRAMAZE®  
and REFORCYL®-AION which are produced in organic farming with complete #wasterecycling.

CELLACTIVE® - for a lasting footprint
                        First carbon neutral cosmetic active


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  • Two eco-friendly superfoods : White lupine and chlorella algae
  • Empowers skin and hair
  • Grounds flying hair
  • Carbon-neutral supply chain

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   Unique resurrection principle from wild plant

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  • Extract from Myrothamnus flabellifolia (South Africa)
  • Wild plant collection carried out by trained tribe
  • CO2eco-certified
  • Protects membrane structures from dehydration
  • Revives the skin for longer than 48 h after a single application
  • Regenerates stressed skin
  • Reduces redness

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      The sustainable way to a V-shaped face


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  • Obtained from the leaf sap of the South African medical plant Bulbine frutescens
  • Grown on an organic family farm
  • Provides the skin with high quality collagen:
    • 138 % improvement of wrinkles 
    • 100 % more facial collagen
    • 212 % improvement of stretch marks

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      Garb’Ageing Clean-Up


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  • Induces autophagy by upregulation of LC3A 
  • “Spring cleans” to produce healthy cells and strengthens
  • mitochondria under stressed conditions 
  • Provides an upcycled look to ageing skin 


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RAHN always strives to deliver the highest quality for its customers.
Cosmetic actives from the House of RAHN are effective, sustainable, traceable, carbon neutral and combine technology and nature in its best. 


Barbara Obermayer

Barbara Obermayer

Head of RAHN-Cosmetic Actives