RAHN-Cosmetic Actives Overview

Gelling Agents / Hydrocolloids

Gelling Agents / Hydrocolloids

CP Kelco, USA

CP Kelco offers a broad range of hydrocolloids for controlling the rheology of water-based products. Their products; Xanthan Gum , Gellan Gum, Carrageenan, Pectin and Cellulose Gum serve many functions, including thickening, suspension, stabilisation and gelation.

Evonik, DE

The Evonik Nutrition & Care product range includes a wide selection of active ingredients, emulsifying agents, emollients, quaternised polymers, secondary surfactants and other effective additives.
Dr. Straetmans (https://www.dr-straetmans.de/de/) ‒ a brand that has been undertaking pioneering work in the development of alternative concepts for the preservation of cosmetic products for more than 30 years – is now a brand of Evonik. The portfolio includes antioxidants, chelating agents, preservatives and multifunctional antimicrobial ingredients.