Speed drawing - Introduction to UV curing technology

UV curing technology and everything you always wanted to know about it.… in 3 minutes.

Printing Process: Flexo

Tutorial for UV Flexo Printing Application

Printing Process: Offset

Tutorial for UV Offset Printing Application

Printing Process: Inkjet

Tutorial for UV Inkjet Printing Application

Printing Process: Gravure

Tutorial for UV Gravure Printing Application

PSA, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Tutorial for PSA Application

Printing Process: Screen

Tutorial for UV Screen Printing Application

Laminating Adhesives

A Formulator Guide to Energy Curable Laminating Adhesives


Energy or radiation curing is an environmentally friendly and efficient technology for printing inks, varnishes, adhesives and various other applications, using UV-light or electron beams. The curing takes place immediately with high-energy light (UV) or electron beam. Specific advantages are:

  • No volatile organic compounds and therefore no emissions
  • Fast curing, higher production speed
  • Low energy consumption
  • High and consistent quality of the manufactured products
  • Superior properties
  • One component systems for easy handling
  • Small space requirement